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Friday update for April 6, 2012

Friday Update, April 6, 2012

Dear Parents,
There are several items of interest I would like to share with you.  First, for those of you who so graciously donated food for The 3rd on the 9th during parent-teacher conferences, your dishes are in the front office.  Most are labeled, and Ms. Fay can help guide you to their location.
Secondly, as spring has arrived and the record snowfall is melting, we have children who are coming in cold and wet from the great outdoors.  We encourage you to send your children with rain gear (coat, pants, boots) and possibly a change of clothes.  Being outside is an integral part of their day, and we hope for them to be comfortable.  
Thirdly, it has been brought to my attention that the Birchtree Monthly Mail sent last week was not easily read for some families because of the formatting, and so I am resending the newsletter in PDF along with the Friday Update.  I hope that this will help.
Lastly, the Parent Appreciation Party is this Saturday at 7 p.m.  We hope to see all of you there.  Again, tickets are free and will be available at the Palmer Depot.  If you would like to purchase spirits and/or hand holds at the event, which will be purchased for dedication for $25.00, please bring cash.  It will be a great evening celebrating Birchtree parents.  We are so grateful for all you do.
Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you to all parents who took part in Pastries for Parents this morning.  Prospective parents had only positive feedback, and that is a testament to your kindness and thoughtfulness.  We couldn’t do it without you.
Tisha Jones
Parent Partnership Coordinator