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Spread the Word!

We continue to move forward in our planning of the build. Please download this third page brochure and print off from your home. Help us get the word out and keep a stash in your car to hand out while you are out and about! Thanks and see you at the build on August 10, 11, and 12.

Black and White Third Page Brochure

About the Build. Much work is currently underway to ensure a successful build, and there are many areas in which you may help.  You can give of your time, tools, talents and energy to bring this most unique and inspiring Playscape to fruition.  Please take a moment to look over the areas of need listed below, for this project will only be possible by the generous support of our Birchtree families, local businesses, community groups and individuals.

Immediate Needs:

  • 10 Lead Builders – As a Lead Builder over the 3-day period, you will work alongside our Birchtree Playscape designer, Leon Smith of Planet Earth Playscapes.  The Lead Builder needs professional carpentry and building experience and will oversee a unique “element” of the Birchtree Playscape.
  • ​Tools Coordinator – As the Tools and Equipment Coordinator, you are a main point of communication for the Lead Builders.  You should be comfortable with power tools and know your way around a hardware store. You will be responsible for ensuring that the volunteers will have everything they need to get the job done and that the tool donors feel comfortable about lending to the project.
  • Chainsaw Team – As a member of this team, you need the experience of running a chainsaw.  This work is presently underway, as we clear trees in preparation for the Build, but we need more hands to help at this immediate time.  Please be aware that this endeavor can be accomplished as your schedule allows.

In addition to these immediate needs, we are in need of 150 – 200 volunteers over the 3-day event.  Both daycare and food will be provided for these days, so please bring the entire family.  If you would like to help build, please contact Lisa Shield at 775-5485 and fill out this online survey You can also visit our website,


Thank you for being a part of this momentous event as we use our hands, hearts, and heads to create the Birchtree Playscape.