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Academic Policy Committee (APC)

Birchtree’s APC is the governing body of the school that makes decisions about school staffing, budget, policy, and programs, while holding the school to the vision of the charter. The bylaws of the APC are modeled on other successful charter schools and have been reviewed by the MSBSD School Board and the State Board of Education. APC members are unpaid volunteers who welcome your feedback, concerns, ideas, and help toward improving Birchtree’s program. All APC official meetings are open to the public and will be announced with notice so parents can attend and give testimony and input if they desire. Please check our website for upcoming Birchtree Parent Guild and APC meeting dates.

The APC’s current members are:

  • Cathy Busbey, Principal
  • Brant Bowen, Asst. Principal
  • Jessica Clarkson, Chair
  • Lori Berrigan, Vice Chair
  • Crystal Spargo, Treasurer/Parent
  • Susan Halseth, Secretary/Teacher
  • Solvejg Rogers, Teacher
  • Barbara Andrist, Teacher
  • Diep Tran, Non-Voting Teacher
  • Ruth McMullen, Parent
  • Megan Wilbur, Parent
  • , Parent