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Birchtree Parent Guild (BPG)

The Birchtree Parent Guild is a 501(c)3 that organizes various committees to serve the school in areas such as assistance with fundraising campaigns, volunteer coordination, facility development/maintenance, festivals, teacher and office support, and any other area of need. BPG meetings provide a means for parents to be informed about school issues and to offer their input and ideas. Birchtree parents are welcomed to participate by attending the monthly meetings and/or participating as part of a committee.

The current BPG voting members include:

  • Heather Lee,  Chair
  • Laura Sampson, Vice Chair
  • Nancy Black, Secretary
  • Anna Folsom, APC Liason
  • Amy Sharrer, Teacher Representative
  • Jennifer Budde, Parent Representative
  • Kristie Shea, Parent Representative
  • Paula Werner, Parent Representative

You can reach the BPG at or by calling Kristi Shea at 315-2424.