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Volunteer Opportunites

Our parents are the reason that Birchtree Charter School is such a wonderful place of learning.  Every day, parents are here in the building tutoring, baking, cooking, cleaning, singing….It is truly a school community that works together for the benefit of all children who attend here. If you want to log in volunteer hours from home, please go to and follow the directions there.  Once you log in, it is quick and easy!  Remember that time spent shopping for ingredients, baking, cooking, sewing and other at home help does count toward volunteer hours! Please contact the front office at 745-1831 for more information about these opportunities.   Current Volunteer opportunities:


Box Tops:

Please help us organize our box tops! This is a great activity that you can do from home to help earn some extra money for our school. Contact our box top coordinator, Karie Raynovic, with any questions at

Pastries For Parents:

You are invited to pastries for parents the first Friday of every month from 8:30- 10:00 AM.What is Pastries for Parents?  “Pastries for Parents” is an opportunity to gather with old friends and meet new community members in a relaxed, friendly environment the first Friday of every month.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends are all welcome to stop by anytime between 8:30- 10:00 AM to enjoy fresh hot coffee and a treat or two.We believe creating a warm welcoming environment fostering not only a caring community but a connection between heart and home.

You may also choose to view this as a volunteer opportunity: You or a family member may provide a treat and claim both the time it takes (include shopping time) and the cost of materials as volunteer hours ($20.00 = 1 hour). To allow for even more flexibility to working parents you can send your prepared treats with your student in the morning and log your volunteer hours at home using the following link


Classroom opportunities are always available. Please check with your child’s teacher for specific information.