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Volunteer Opportunites

Our parents are the reason that Birchtree Charter School is such a wonderful place of learning.  Every day, parents are here in the building tutoring, baking, cooking, cleaning, singing….It is truly a school community that works together for the benefit of all children who attend here.

If you want to log in volunteer hours from home, please go to and follow the directions there.  Once you log in, it is quick and easy!  Remember that time spent shopping for ingredients, baking, cooking, sewing and other at home help does count toward volunteer hours!

Please contact Gena Chastain, the Parent Partnership Coordinator, at 745-1831 for more information about these opportunities.


Current Volunteer opportunities

  • The library needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to assist students checking out books.  The days and times the classes visit the library are as follows:     Horvath, Mon. 11:15- 11:30. Albina. Mon. 2:00- 2:30.  Hill, Tues. 11:45- 12:00.  Johndro, Tues. 1:30- 1:45.   Tran, Tues. 2:30- 2:45.  Basner, Wed. 11:15- 11:30.  Sharrer, Wed. 1:45- 2:00  Levesque, Thurs. 11:15- 11:30.  Folsom, Thurs. 2:30- 2:45.  Danz, Fri. 2:30- 2:45
  • Please help us organize our box tops! This is a great activity that you can do from home to help earn some extra money for our school. Stop by the front office for all the materials you need to get started.
  • Our Spring Concert for grades 4-8 will be held at the Wasilla Bible Church, Monday, April 28th from 6:30 -8:00 PM. We are looking for volunteers to set up chairs from 11:30- 1:00. Please call Gena Chastain at 745-1831
  •  5th grade class, will participate in our 4th annual Pentathlon held at the Sherrod Soccer Fields in Palmer Thursday, May 8th.  The 5th grade class has been learning the art of wrestling, discus, javelin, running, and long jump throughout the entire school year.  Moreover, the class has been learning that victory is not necessarily found in strength and speed, but in grace and sportsmanship.It is  my hope that you will want to take part in this one day event with us and share in the joy of this beautiful competition.  We are in need of volunteers for the following different areas:
  1.  Lead parents and an enclave of other volunteers for preparation and/or organization of authentic Greek foods for the feast after the event (recipes available at school),
  2. Pentathlon judges and officials that do not have a child participating in the event (requires a training commitment for one afternoon after school),
  3. A photographer,
  4. Several persons who can act as a nurse at the First Aid station,
  5. Individuals willing to lend a tent canopy for the day,
  6. Persons for set-up (May 7th after school and early May 8th) and tear-down (immediately after the event),
  7. 4 individuals to work the registration table,
  8. And 2 adults to take-on the roles of Zeus and Hera.

If you can help, please contact Gena Chastain at Birchtree (745-1831)